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Motivation, where oh where have you been?

So, I'm sure I've written in here about my struggles with weight loss and something I like to call unhealthy eating choices.

I promised myself I would lose some weight and I did the opposite...

Okay, so I have gained a lot of weight in the last few years... and no matter what I did I failed to lose weight and usually stopped doing whatever it is that I was doing to help myself.

So, I sat down and thought of some basic rules and thought rationally about some things and this is what I came up with:

- I am only allowed to look at the scale once a month and if I REALLY want to see my weight then I will have to do it at the gym, which I don't like doing. I used to start diets and go scale CRAZY, often I would wonder why it was taking so long to lose weight in really short periods of time and I would get upset and I would often stop with the "healthy choices" after a while

- No pop, it makes me gassy anyway, why would I want to drink something I don't really like? I love cold water with ice. So, I brought my favorite cup to work that I always use at home when I drink water. I only drink pop when I have to go to the store... we have a water cooler at work, so theres no need for a pop run

- Walk more! I live so close to EVERYTHING I don't need to be driven or take the bus everywhere I go. School is a 20 minutes walk and work is a 15 minute walk, there is NO NEED to be so lazy... I enjoy walking, I just forget sometimes.

- Pack a lunch, I am always more satisfied when I eat things I make from home. I don't usually crave things after I eat at home... eating fast food doesn't make sense... you eat it for instant gratification only to want to eat again after five minutes? Plus, it's too expensive

- Don't talk about it all the time! Just live your life as you normally would, just try to eat a little more sensible...

So yeah, that's what I came up with for some pretty simple basic rules and such. I am not going to deprive myself of the things I enjoy... If I want a slice of pizza I will have A SLICE of pizza, maybe just pair it with some salad and maybe just make it at home... and the key words in there were a slice as in just one.

I also plan on making a minor adjustment at work. I only work part time and my supervisor has given me permission to bring an exercise ball to sit on as a chair at my desk. I plan on slowly transitioning myself into it. Its also a great stress coping mechanism

As for my Stats:

I am 24
I weigh: 239lbs (I was 220 last month)
My lowest weight was 150lbs
and my highest is 239
I would like to lose 30lbs as a short term goal and around 79 as a long term goal.

I really enjoy peaceful walks alone and I really love hikes. I enjoy nature and find myself inspired by it.

I also wanted to include today's food journal I don't know how many calories are in everything, but I tried my best to figure out what I could.

X2 cups of yogurt – Activia(100 calories each)

Half a chicken sandwich, spinach and ceaser dressing sandwich (it was pretty gross)
Cheese string
Veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, green pepper & cucumber) and hummus (100 calorie hummus package)

2 cups of yogurts – Source (35 calories each)
Sandwich (multigrain bread, margarine (less than a teaspoon), turkey breast and spinach
Cottage Cheese 150 calories.

Well, thats it! Please feel free to comment and let me know if I'm going a little overboard... I need to make changes before it's too late.

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My suggestion is just to make sure you make your changes a little at a time. Little steps end up snowballing, just like a little cheat can sometimes become a binge (she says as she munches on candy corn without stopping).

Exercise is a majorly important part so also focus on slowly increasing that.

Too much too soon of either food changes or exercises can cause you to burn out.