Heidi (deathofrats) wrote in fitnhealthyfem,

I forgot to work out yesterday. Just plain out forgot until it was after 10:00pm then decided it was too late. Anyone else ever do that?
Today is supposed to be a rest or just super stretching day so I'm going to go to my 1 1/2 hour yoga session I missed yesterday. It's pretty intense the 1st 52 minutes, I sweat a lot and according to my HRM I burn around 350 calories. I just take the calories count at the end of the video but should I? The balancing and the relaxation isn't really exercise anymore so should I end my HRM after all the vinyasas, warriors and sequence stuff? I don't even know what you call the yoga that I do. It's the P90X Yoga X video.

update: holding the balance poses actually get my heart rate up there as well, I was looking at the watch during different things just to see.
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