Heidi (deathofrats) wrote in fitnhealthyfem,


Name: Heidi
Age: 32
Location: Kitchener, Ontario

Height: 5'8"
Starting Weight: 282
Current Weight: 234
Goal Weight: 140

Where is everyone at now that dietingsupport is gone? I miss reading that community so much.
I like the name of this one a lot. I lost weight doing a 1100-1300 calorie a day diet then couldn't stand it anymore, gained a bit back going back up to 245lbs then decided to do it from a fitness approach instead of dieting. Now I eat 1400 (1 rest day per week) up to 2000 calories per day depending how much I exercise. I've only lost 11 lbs in 2 months but my waist is 3 inches smaller and my hips 2 inches smaller plus I feel a heck of a lot better. I only weight lift 2 days per week and do cardio the others but I'll be bumping that up to 3 days per week in about a month from now.
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