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Mixed Berry Whine

Rambling about motivation.

Well, it appears my ravenous appetite is slowly calming down. I’ve been pretty good the past two days (or I’m not feeling well, or I just haven’t been around food that I want to binge on). Either way, the past two days I haven’t even finished all my AM food (breakfast/snack) and I’m really excited about that. Being hungry less often = less food consumption of course.


Additionally, last night I was able to go on the elliptical for 65 minutes. I’m definitely feeling better than the previous night when I pretty much had to be within a few steps of the bathroom. 


I meant to talk about one thing yesterday, and now I have two things to talk about. Luck you guys! Finding motivation, especially after having been at this so long, is very difficult. I have a 12k in a few weeks and not even that is motivating me enough to train for it. Which is bad. Really, really bad. Considering it’s a lot of hills and I haven’t run a distance since two Saturday’s ago. Again, I’m hoping to get in a run tomorrow, even if the weather is kind of rainy. Anywayzzzzz….back to my point. Motivation. Last Saturday I went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire with the guy I’m seeing. I’ve always wanted to get one of the perty medieval dressed, but was always afraid to because of how big I was or because of how much they cost.   Well…..I splurged. Big time. Thus the previous entry about going over my credit card limit. I got a full outfit. Corset, underblouse, inner and outer skirts…. When the girl working in the shop measured me, she told me I should look at corsets that are 36 inches or 38 inches. So I did, I started with like a 36 inch one. She laced it up and it wasn’t tight at all. So…we tried a 35 one….nope, still not very tight and nearly touching where the laces go together. So….we tried 34….nope and jumped to 32 inches. That worked. Nothing like going down 6 inches in size in a matter of moments :) That certainly made me feel good. Now…I just need to find excuses to wear the dress, aside from Halloween of course. The faire is almost over and the guy I’m seeing doesn’t want to go back just yet. So chances are I won’t get a chance to go again this season. Then I kind of have to wonder if the corset will fit next season (or will be too big). But at least the corset is the only thing that has a “size” to it. So I’d just have to invest in a new one and likely sell the current one.


Okay, thing number two. The guy I’m seeing asked me to go to a wedding with him in November. Well, actually, he was afraid to ask me, so I told him that “if he happens to ask that I’d say yes.” So, I don’t have any dresses right now that fit. Well, none that fit in a flattering, non-potato sack looking way. My current dresses are from when I was much larger. So last night we were wondering around the mall and we stopped in Boscov’s and I was like…let me just grab a few to try on (since we still have time I didn’t really intend on buying anything). So I was in the “Misses” section and was just kind of looking for the plus size rack that they usually hide somewhere in the back. Well, I couldn’t find it. So I started picking out a few dresses in sizes 16 and 18 misses. Now…I’ve always been in plus sizes for as long as I can remember. So I tried them on…and ended up walking away with a snug Misses 16 dress. Now….I have to lose weight before the middle of November so that it’s not so snug. It was half price so I figure even if it doesn’t work out it wasn’t a big waste and it’s something I will comfortably fit into someday soon.


So yeah, there you have it. My two sources of motivation lately. A size 32 inch corset and a size 16 Misses dress for a wedding. Now…for the hard part of making it fit!


Thank you for reading :)

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